Mr. Kezang Thinley, Founder

Kelki School, nestled in the heart of Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu, holds a prominent position within the kingdom’s educational landscape. Founded with a noble vision by Kezang Thinley, a retired civil servant from the Royal Audit Authority, Kelki commenced its journey in 1987 as a pioneering Private Pre-Primary School. By 1999, it evolved into a Higher Secondary institution, marking a significant milestone in Bhutan’s educational sphere.

Driven by a commitment to provide holistic education, Kelki aspires to become a beacon of educational excellence in the kingdom. It actively contributes to the nation’s development by nurturing resourceful individuals who meet the evolving needs of Bhutanese society.

Conveniently situated at the junction of Doebum Lam and the road leading to the Swimming Pool Complex, Kelki offers a tranquil yet conducive environment for learning. The school boasts essential facilities such as a library, basketball court, futsal ground, and multipurpose hall, fostering a dynamic space for academic, cultural, and sporting activities. Equipped with a computer lab and internet access, Kelki promotes technological literacy and computer-aided learning.

Backed by a dedicated faculty of 17, Kelki emphasizes both curricular and co-curricular pursuits, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for its students. Despite spatial constraints, the school prioritizes the holistic development of its pupils, providing ample opportunities for sports and recreational activities. Kelki’s dominance in basketball tournaments and its pioneering role in introducing Futsal since 2006 underscore its commitment to athletic excellence.

Today, Kelki stands as a premier educational institution in Bhutan, offering comprehensive courses from pre-primary to 8th standard. Students benefit from a rich tapestry of social, cultural, and literary engagements, fostering their personal and academic growth.