Mr. Kezang Thinley, Founder

Kelki Higher Secondary School – a co-educational institution situated in the heart of the Thimphu valley, the capital city of Bhutan, occupies a significant place in the educational structure of the kingdom.

Established with a noble vision of serving the Tsa-Wa-Sum in a different manner, the proprietor Kezang Thinley – a retired civil servant from the Royal Audit Authority, started for the first time in the Kingdom a Private Pre-Primary School then in 1987 which has upgraded to a Higher Secondary level in 1999.

On its way to impart a wholesome education, Kelki aims to be an icon in the educational scenario of the Kingdom and proves to be an integral part of the country’s development by providing resourceful persons, educating Bhutanese youths as per the needs of the present, past and future.

The school is located in the heart of the city yet quiet and conducive for learning. It is located at the junction of the Doebum Lam and the road leading to Swimming Pool Complex.

The school has a library, two basketball courts, a volley ball court, and a multipurpose hall for prayers, indoor games, cultural and literary activities. The school also has a computer lab with internet to enable computer-aided learning and promote computer literacy.

Kelki has a strong teaching staff which has been proved by its way of facilitating curricular and co-curricular activities in school. At present the strength stands at 17.

Kelki gives utmost importance to the all-round development of our children and therefore, despite limitations of the space, enough opportunities are created for games and sports. Kelki has been the champion for many years in basketball tournaments outside school. Kelki is the first school to initiate Futsal (2006) and it is most celebrated game in the school.

Today, Kelki stands as one of the premier institutions in the country providing courses from pre-primary to 12th standard. Students enjoy a fantastic array of social, cultural and literary activities for their growth and learning.