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Inter-Class Futsal Finals

The teams of Class XII Commerce ‘C’. and and XII Commerce ‘B’ competed for the winning trophy in the finals of futsal match. The match was played on Saturday, 23rd of August, 2014. It was a very lively afternoon with the students and teachers cheering for the teams they supported. XII Commerce C  took over with 3-0 in the first half of the match. During the second half, they again scored two more goals and emerged as the winners with a score of 5-0.

Congratulations!!!!!! XII Commerce ‘C’ and well played, XII Commerce ‘B’.

Scouts Day Celebration

Every year, 15th of August is cherished as the Independence Day of India. This year we had more to celebrate with the introduction of ‘Scout’s Day': the day for the scouts to be proud and remember their duty. Kelki Higher Secondary School introduced 16th of August as the scouts day from this year but we celebrated it on 15th as we had the Chief Justice visiting the school on 16th. Scouting in Bhutan was first introduced in the Year 1970. It has come a long way since then and is given a greater importance in the schools in Bhutan.


The members of the school’s scout association celebrated the day with the theme “Love Nature and Respect the World Around Us”. Apart from the dances, the concept was best supported by the fashion show which had the dresses made out of trashes and an exhibition which had flowers, bags and other useful items made out of trashes. It was very creative and thoughtful of the scouts to do it. The Scout’s Day was well celebrated. 

Lynpo Dorji Choden’s Visit to Kelki

“Kelki being the first private school has maintained a standard and has been an example to all”

                                                                                                                   ——– Lynpo Dorji Choden

The minister of Works and Human Settlement, Lynpo Dorji Choden made a brief visit to Kelki in the afternoon of 6th August, 2014. In her talk to the students and the teachers, she highlighted the importance of giving healthy and whole some education to young children, empowering women and pursuing our dreams: never being hopeless.

She pointed out that family is the first place of learning and school the second. Therefore, teachers and the students must work together in producing healthy youths. Only then, there will be a sound future. She said that education is the key instrument to equalize the gender gap and all the injustice and that’s the reason education is given a greater importance. She told the students to be hardworking and commit to their works and never to take short-cuts.She also highlighted on His Majesty’s talk during his coronation about how each one of us have unique abilities and nobody being useless: we just have to recognize our abilities and work hard to succeed. 

She talked about how adolescence is the age of distraction and how children gets carried away by things around them. While highlighting this, she also shared some of her experiences with children and bringing them back to the real world. She also talked on how to maintain peace and prosperity in our young democracy.She said that being a citizen of a democratic country, we should not always be sensitive of our own freedom but also the freedom of others.

The visit of the minister was a short one but very educative. It was an honor for Kelki to have her.

Inter-Class Volleyball Finals for Boys

XII Arts C claimed the winning trophy of Inter-Class volleyball tournament 2014 for boys as the final was played on Monday afternoon (04-08-2014) against XII Commerce C. The final match was opened with an exciting exhibition match between two teams among teachers. Dasho Chogyal from Royal Bhutan Police was invited as the chief guest. Musics, dances and the cheering audiences also added more of exciting moments to the exciting atmosphere of the final match. 

Despite a very tough competition given by XII Commerce C,  XII Arts C emerged as the winners.

Result Declaration (mid-term examination)

Students harvest the fruit of their hard work.

The result for mid-term examination was declared today morning (26/07/2014). Certificates were given to the Stream toppers and the Subject toppers and to award the certificates, we had Mr. Dawa Tenzin, Honorable Secretary of Election Commission of Bhutan as the guest. He is also one of the members of our School Management Board (SMB); a representative of the parents. 

The overall topper, one each from class XI and class XII were awarded with the Kelki Crystal Award. Dophu Dorji from XI Commerce ‘A’ and Dawa Nesor from XII Commerce ‘D’ were the recipient of this prestigious award. Dophu Dorji topped Class XI with an aggregate of 79.73% and Dawa Nesor topped Class XII with an aggregate of 80.63%.


CONGRATULATIONS………….! to all the toppers

Kelki Crystal Award:

3This is the most prestigious award of our school. It is a rolling trophy given to the over all topper from class XI and class XII. The trophy keeps rotating with the person who tops each examination(Unit Test-I, mid-term, Unit Test-II and Final/trail) unless the topper is the same person. The trophy will be owned by the person who tops all the four examinations. Otherwise the trophy will be retained by the school.

       Click here to view the details of Stream and Subject toppers.