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Issue of Class XII Marksheets and Pass Certificates

This is to inform that the school has received class XII (BHSEC-12 2016) Mark sheets and Pass Certificates. Therefore, students/parents/guardians are requested to collect them from the school at the earliest. 

Please view below for the timing and teachers responsible for the issue of the above mentioned documents:

Timing: 03:15 PM to 04:00 PM.


  1. XII Com A:   Mr. Gnana Suresh
  2. XII Com B:   Mr. Surja Bdr. Tiwari
  3. XII Com C:   Mr. Sangay Sherpa
  4. XII Com D:   Mrs. Kripa Thatal
  5. XII Com E:    Mrs. Jas Maya Raika
  6. XII Arts A:     Mrs. Bina K Pulami
  7. XII Arts B:     Mr. Loveson Mathew
  8. XII Arts C:     Mrs. Januka Dulal
  9. XII Arts D:     Mrs. Sushila Gurung
  10. XII Arts E:      Mr. Kelzang Tshering

Continuing Education (CE)

  1. 12 Com 1:   Mr. Gnana Suresh
  2. 12 Com 2:  Mr. Madasamy A.
  3. 12 Arts 1:    Ms. Asha (Office Asst.)