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Teaching Faculty

Mr. Mohan Rai

Date of joining: 10-03-2002

Subject: English
Masters in Education, Specialization in Leadership Policy and Change, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. B.Ed, Loyola College of Education, Sikkim. BA English Honours, Sherubtse College (1999-2001).
Attended a three week long (5th January- 23rd January 2009) School Leadership Programme in Singapore for developing the Strategic Blueprint of the Manual of Bhutan Beacon School Project under Royal Education Council. Completed a two week long Strategic School Leadership Programme for Changing Environment in Salem in Tamil Nadu. Attended Training on the development of Child Friendly School Conceptual Framework and Indicators, Youth Guidance and Counseling,Skill Enhancement Workshop: Integrating Buddhist Ideas and Counseling, Annual Status of Student Learning (ASSL), Child Tracking System (CTS) and Teacher Needs Assessment (TNA) and School Disaster Management and others. 

Lop. Sangay Dorji

Date of joining: 20-06-1999

Subject: Dzongkha

MA (Dzongkha)




Mr. Loveson Mathew

Date of joining: 10-02-2006

Subject: English
M.A, B Ed, LLB.
MASTERS IN ENGLISH LITERATURE [M.A, Eng. Lit] Mar Ivanios College, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, Kerala. BACHELOR IN EDUCATION [B Ed] Mar Theophilus BEd College, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, Kerala, BACHELOR OF LAW [LLB] Centre for Legal Studies, University Centre, University of Kannur, Kerala.
Loveson Mathew is an experienced classroom teacher and a senior tutor of English Language and Literature. He has taught English for over 20 years in the colleges and Higher Secondary Schools of various countries [University, ISC, CBSC, and BHSEC Syllabus]. He has successfully completed teaching 12 years in the Higher Secondary schools in Bhutan.
He is also a prolific Textbook Writer and an Editor of Magazines. In addition to being the Editor-in- Chief of a number of College and School Magazines, he has authored more than half a dozen books with the reputed publishers in Bhutan and India. He is also a member of The Bar Council of India. 

Mrs. Bina K Pulami
Date of joining: 04-08-2014
Subject: English
B.A. English

Ms. Yeshey Dema

Date of joining: 01-08-2014

Subject: English
B.A. English and Environmental Studies, Sherubtse College

Sonam Lhamo
Ms. Sonam Lhamo

Date of Joining: 11-02-2016

Subject: English
B.A. English, PgDE

Lop Tseringla

Date of joining: 16-07-2006

Subject: Dzongkha

B.A Dzongkha




Lop Dophu

Date of joining: 10-02-2011

Subject: Dzongkha & Dzongkha Rigzhung

MA (Dzongkha)





Lop Palden Choda

Date of joining: 10-02-2013

Subject: Dzongkha

 B.A. Dzongkha





Phuntsho D
Lop. Phuntsho Dargay

Date of joining: 10-02-2014

Subject: Dzongkha








Tshewang Norbu
Lop. Tshewang Norbu

Date of Joining: 10-03-2016

Subject: Dzongkha/Rigzhung

B.A. Dzongkha







Sangay S
Mr. Sangay Sherpa

Date of Joining: 10-02-2009

Subject: Business Mathematics

B. Sc (Gen) A, Sherubtse College; PgDE, Samtse College of Education





Mr. Madasamy A

Date of joining: 16-07-2009

Subject: Business Mathematics

 M. Sc (Mathematics); PGDCA






Mrs. Kelzang

Date of joining: 15-03-2012

Subject: Business Mathematics

B. Sc. Computer Science, Sherubtse College; PgDE, Samtse College of Education






Mrs. Kripa Thatel

Date of joining: 15-02-2013

Subject: Computer Studies

B. Tech in Information Technology





Mr. Keshar Nath Dhakal
Mr. Keshar Nath Dhakal

Date of joining: 10-02-2014

Subject: Business Mathematics

B. Sc. Physical Science, Sherubtse College





Mr. Gnana Suresh

Date of joining: 30-03-2006

Subject: Accountancy

M. Com; B. Ed





Mrs. Phurpa Wangmo

Date of joining: 20-08-2009

Subject: Accountancy

B. Com (Hons), Sherubtse College; PgDE (Overall Topper in Business studies 2012), Samtse College of Education 





Mrs. Sangay Chezom

Date of joining: 07-07-2012

Subject: Accountancy/Commerce

B. Com






Mr. Surja Bdr. Tiwari

Date of joining: 24-07-2014

Subject: Commerce

B. Com (Hons), Raidlaban College, Shilong, India






Januka Dulal
Mrs. Januka Dulal

Date of Joining: 04-03-2016

Subject: Economics

B. Com (Hons.), Sherubtse College; MA







Dhan Bdr Monger
Mr. Dhan Bdr. Monger

Date of Joining: 04-03-2016

Subject: Economics

M.Sc. Economics; PgDE, Samtse College of Education








Mrs. Sushila Gurung
Mrs. Sushila Gurung

Date of joining: 10-03-2002

Subject: Geography

BA (Hons) Geography; B. Ed, Loyala College of Education 





Mr. Kelzang Tshering

Date of joining: 22-03-2011

Subject: History

BA History & English; PgDE, Samtse College of Education





Tshering Choden
Ms. Tshering Choden

Date of Joining: 11-02-2016

Subject: History/English








Govin Sharma
Mr. Govin Sharma

Date of joining: 05-03-2016

Subject: History

B.Ed (Eng/His), Samtse College of Education







Deki Lhadon
Ms. Deki Lhadon

Date of joining: 05-03-2016

Subject: Geography

BA Eng/Geo, Sherubtse College









Mr. Dorji
Mr. Dorji

Games & Sports Teacher