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Kelki conducts four examinations in one academic year:

First Unit Test, Midterm Exam, Second Unit Test and Trial/Annual Exams.

Examination Rules

  1. Sit in your place in the examination hall five minutes before the exam begins and maintain absolute silence.  Latecomers will not be given extra time.
  2. Write your index number clearly on the main answer sheets, additional sheets, maps, first page of question paper and graph paper.
  3. Write legibly, highlight points of answers, and draw line to separate the answers of different questions. Your presentation of answers in the script is very important.
  4. Write on the both sides of the answer sheet, keeping margin on both right and left hand sides. The left margin is for writing question number and the right margin is for writing marks by the evaluator.
  5. Write the number of the question clearly and in the same number style (Arabic/Roman/Alphabet) used in the question paper.
  6. Bring your own pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator etc for writing the paper. Borrowing these items from others is not allowed in Exam hall/room.
  7. If you have a problem, or you need something, raise your hands. Tapping on the table is impolite and distract other students.
  8. Do not remove the index number slip on the table.
  9. Any form of cheating will lead to the cancellation of paper, awarding zero mark and further disciplinary action.
  10. Candidates should not leave the exam room/hall before the scheduled time, unless permitted by the invigilator.