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Assessment Policy

Students are assessed based on the following criteria for Promotion:
  • Both classes XI & XII have First Unit Test (April), Mid-Terms Exams (July) and Second Unit Test (September) in common.
  • At the end of the Academic Year, Class XII has Trial Exams (October) and Class XI has Annual exams (November).
  • Maximum Mark in a subject in Unit Test is 50, whereas 100 is the maximum in Mid-Term, Trial and Annual Exams.
  • The pass percentage in a subject is 40
  • Students in Class XII must pass in all internal exams to qualify to sit for BHSEC – XII Examinations
  • For promotion to class XII from XI, students must pass in four subjects including a compulsory pass in English on the weighting given below.

School Assessment Policy for Class XI

First Term

Grand Total

Continuous Assessment

Unit Test I Midterm







Second Term

Continuous Assessment

Unit Test II

Annual Exam


5% 10% 45%



SUPW (Socially Useful and Productive Work)

Student’s SUPW Grades (A to E) will be awarded on the basis of the points secured by students.

Grade A (100 and above), grade B (85-99), grade C (70-84), grade D (55-20) and Grade E (below 55)

SUPW grades will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Voluntary Works: 5 points for light work, 10 points for medium work and 15 points for difficult work.

  • SUPW grading includes only voluntary work.
  • Social work should be recorded by the class teacher and concerned teacher in-charge.
  • Community services should be recorded by the concerned teacher in-charge.
  • Students should get at least grade C to appear for the final exam
  • Work undertaken during vacation to be graded by the concerned employer (the record is to be presented to the school by the student)

The final grades will be presented in the staff meeting by the class teacher to obtain unanimous agreement.