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School Calendar 2016

Date Days Activity
9 Tuesday Losar
10 Wednesday Losar
11 Thursday Teachers Report
12 Friday BHSEC result analysis presentation/Academic Planning
15 Monday Class XII students report/Text books distribution
16 Tuesday Commencement of regular classes/Rehearsal for HM’s Birthday Celebration
19 Friday Rehearsal for HM’s Birthday Celebration
21 Sunday Birth Anniversary of HM
22 Monday Birth Anniversary of HM
23 Tuesday Birth Anniversary of HM
24 Wednesday Assembly speech begins/Orientation on school Policy to Cl. XII
27 Saturday SSA/SIP discussion
Date Days Activity
1 Tuesday Class XI students report & Text books distribution/Zero Discrimination Day
4 Friday Orientation on school Policy to Cl. XI
5 Saturday Welcome for XI
7 Monday Captains Badge Awarding to general captains
8 Tuesday International Women’s Day
10 Thursday Submission of SSAT/SIP
11 Friday Inter-House Dzongkha Elocution/Principal’s Conference¬†
12 Saturday PD (English Department)
14 Monday Inter-house Basketball (Boys & Girls)/ Submission of EMIS
18 Friday Submission of Annual School calendar & teachers’ timetable to Thromde
19 Saturday Parent-Teacher Meeting/SPEA/Staff get-together
20 Sunday GNH Day/International Day of Happiness
21 Monday Inter-house Poetry recitation/World Poetry Day/International Day of Forests
24 Thursday World Tuberculosis Day
25 Friday Badge Awarding to class captains
26 Saturday Basketball finals
27 Sunday School Annual Rimdro
Date Days Activity
2 Saturday Inter-Class Boedra Zhungdra Competition (Cl. XI)/Thromde Academic Board Meeting
4 Monday Inter-House Volleyball (Boys & Girls)
8 Friday Volleyball finals
9 Saturday English Elocution/Submission of UT-1 questions
15 Friday Seating Arrangement for UT-1/PD (Geo/His Department)
16 Saturday Zhabdrung Kuchoe
18 Monday Unit Test I/Submission of Text books requisition
19 Tuesday Unit Test I
20 Wednesday Unit Test I
21 Thursday Disaster Management Talk
23 Saturday Cleaning Campaign/English Language Day/Scouts Master conference
25 Monday UT-1 marks submission/World Malaria Day/Thromde level games & sports begins (Intra Thromde)
30 Saturday Choesed Lerim/Result Declaration of UT-1
Date Days Activity
2 Monday Teachers Day/Birth Anniversary of Third King
7 Saturday Inter-House Dzongkha Quiz/Scout Commitment Ceremony at School leve/Cluster level
10 Tuesday Audition for Concert
11 Wednesday Audition for Concert
14 Saturday PD (Maths & Compt. Department)
16 Monday Dress Rehearsal
20 Friday School Annual Concert
21 Saturday School Annual Concert/Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana
22 Sunday School Annual Concert
28 Saturday Inter-House Dzongkha Debate
29 Sunday Thromde level Games & Sports ends
31 Tuesday Talk by BNC/World No-Tobacco Day
Date Days Activity
2 Thursday Social Forestry Day
6 Monday Submission of Midterm questions
11 Saturday PD (Dzongkha Department)
14 Tuesday Seating Arrangement for Midterm exam
15 Wednesday Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche
16 Thursday Mid Term Exam starts
25 Saturday Mid Term Exam ends/Health Talk
26 Sunday International Day Against drug abuse & illicit trafficking
27 Monday Midterm Centralized Evaluation
28 Tuesday Midterm Centralized Evaluation
29 Wednesday Midterm Centralized Evaluation
30 Thursday Midterm marks submission
Date Days Activity
1 Friday Midterm Break
16 Saturday SSA/SIP discussion/Academic Session for the second term begins
18 Monday Distribution of answerscripts 
19 Tuesday Distribution of awareness pamphlets to all the classes (Disaster management)
23 Saturday School Fest Coordinated by clubs
25 Monday Inter-House Futsal (Boys)
29 Friday Midterm Review & planning
30 Saturday Result Declaration of Mid Term Exam/ International Day of Friendship
Date Days Activity
3 Wednesday Submission of reports on midterm result/syllabus coverage of each class/ Submissionof SSAT/SIP
6 Saturday Futsal Finals/Staff get-together
13 Saturday Inter-House English debate
19 Friday Professional Development Program (Thromde)
20 Saturday PD (Eco Department)
22 Monday Submission of UT-2 questions
26 Friday Seating arrangement for UT-2
27 Saturday PD (Com/Acc Department)
29 Monday Unit Test II
30 Tuesday Unit Test II
31 Wednesday Unit Test II
Date Days Activity
5 Monday UT-2 marks submission
10 Saturday Result Declaration of UT-2/World Suicide Prevention Day
16 Friday Lozey & Tsangmo
17 Saturday Lozey & Tsangmo
21 Wednesday International Day of Peace
22 Thursday Blessed Rainy Day
Date Days Activity
1 Saturday Captains Picnic
7 Friday Thimphu Drubchoe/Intra Thromde Cultural dance competition/Drama (both Eng & Dzo)
8 Saturday Intra Thromde Cultural dance competition/Drama (both Eng & Dzo)
9 Sunday Intra Thromde Cultural dance competition/Drama (both Eng & Dzo)
11 Tuesday Thimphu Tshechu/ Dassain
12 Wednesday Thimphu Tshechu
13 Thursday Thimphu Tshechu
15 Saturday Global Hand Washing Day
17 Monday Trial Exam starts
27 Thursday Annual Principals Conference
28 Friday Annual Principals Conference
Date Days Activity
1 Tuesday Coronation Day
10 Thursday Result declaration of Trial/Seating arrangement for Annual
11 Friday Birth Anniversary of 4th King/Children’s Day/Constitution Day
14 Monday Annual Examination begins
20 Sunday Descending Day of Lord Buddha
23 Wednesday Annual Exam ends
24 Thursday Annual Centralized Evaluation
25 Friday Annual Centralized Evaluation
26 Saturday Annual Centralized Evaluation
28 Monday Submission of Annual marks
Date Days Activity
14 Wednesday Farewel to XII/Award Day
17 Saturday National Day
18 Sunday Result Declaration